I’m all set up!!

or….. At lease I think I am.  I’ve spent the last month researching, buying assembling the babies’ new cage.  After hours of hard work, I’d always find something not right about the set up and end up de-assembling it all and re doing it. 

After hours and days of organizing, I think this final set up is the one!!! At least in my mind, the birdies will like them….. Who knows.  Well… I’m happy with it!!! Now the wait is even more unbearable…..!!!!!!!!!! I want them home like yesterday!! 



New Blog

Hello world,

This will be my new blog sharing with you my day to day life with a few birdie friends.  My almost 13 years old Lutino Cockatiel recently passed away unexpectedly… We all miss her dearly and now we’re starting to accept a house without her chirps. RIP baby girl.


Evie being cute and cuddly

At the same time, we’re excited to be bringing home potentially two baby Caiques.  I’ve just set up their cage and toys this week and we are anxiously waiting for them to grow big and strong before bringing them home.

Stay tuned for our adventures together!!!